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i said sharing is caring

i think i need you

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welcome to da club!

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AT LAST! ^_^
thx alot to my uncle who gimme this...Love yah! ;)

Date of  being mine : 23rd December 2011
bought from ROSE PHOTO STUDIO, Tutong
DSLR Model : Nikon D7000

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surprise for you

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 this photo is taken before the surprise thingy starts..

 suddenly while we r talking2 abt result exam..ada urg nyanyi lagu bufday! wic i also surprised bcoz of it..i tot ada urg lain bufday! panya...kawan cDia andang plan sudah kan surprisekan cDia ani..nyahaha..xP
GREAT JOB GUYS! I also didn't expect this! ahaha..xD

 waa~ the happy face..ahaha..xD iski mutung kek smpai nda g kan tetiup lilin ah..ngehehe..xP 

 thanks Nisah & Ka Ecah..for d surprise..hehe..^_^
hope friendship kamu berkekalan sampai bila2..^_^ amin!
actually ada 3 more friends are missing here..
zirah, rosal & syimah..hee..

location : Jolibee,Tutong
Date : 23rd December 2011
Photo source : Nisah's N8

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Something for you =)

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it's ur 23rd birthday! yeay!! we r going to celebrate it! ^_^

i hope you like it dear..=')
sorry i got nuthing special to give 4 you babe~ huhu~

& i hope u like my 'scrapbook' of our memorries yg nda sbrapa ani..

i Love You So Much!

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would you?

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its because...i love you....aaand...i want to be with you....=')

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help me!

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"help me to get out of here!"

every problem u facing has a solution, so don't give up! YOU CAN DO IT!

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my daily routine

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my daily routine is checking FaceBook! ^_^

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its been a while~ =)

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