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Akeno Muhamad with Aiman Besar

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photo taken in a Elevator(obvious) ahaha..xD
at Lagoon of Empire Hotel and Country Club Brunei
during our first Royal Wedding Coverage


Muizz + Aqilah | Engagement

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Short Film - Friends till Jannah

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A short video that we made for the UBD video competition in conjunction of the 24th UBD Convocation. This time we collaborate with Zairah Production team. We won 3rd place and the experience was nothing but awesome and fun! It's a learning process to all of us and we hope you enjoy this video =)

Directed by: Haziq Sahminan
Cinematographer: Haziq Sahminan, Amirul Jazli, Aziz Muhammad
Edited by: Haziq Sahminan & Amirul Jazli
Subtitles by: Fiqah Rahman
Songs: & Raihan (Demi masa)

Brought to you by:- Visionary Project & Zairah Production

Follow us (Visionary Project) on facebook @ www.facebook/
More to come InsyaAllah

Any enquires please email us @


location : JERUDONG PARK!
walaupun sedikit hujan renyai-renyai,
we still had so much fun!

p/s : inda semua yang datang in this photoshoot session pasal byk yg nda blaku.. =(

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malam graduan

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Bakal Graduan KUPUSB kali ke-2

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click on the image for larger size


Danbo likes Nikon

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